Shelf-reading Scanner

I’ve worked several departments at a public library in Ohio for just over six years. We’ve had so many books go missing and I think I’ve come up with a solution!

The same way that people who work at grocery stores use that hand laser reader thing to keep track of what’s in stock, I would love it if my library had one for keeping track of our materials. This way, we could program it to see if things are in order, if things on the shelf are considered missing/lost, or if they’ve been on the shelf so long that they aren’t even in the catalog/system anymore. This would organize our shelves so much easier and faster.

I wonder if these devices with this type of programming exists. The handheld barcode scanners I’ve seen can cost and insane amount of money (<$800), but maybe there’s a way to hook up an older scanner to a tablet with the catalog software (Sirsi) on it.
I will investigate this, my friends.


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